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Excerpt from the book:

While I made the choice to separate myself from Chris, I was devastated. Now I was broken-hearted, single, and pregnant. Going into the third trimester of my pregnancy, I could hardly get around; yet I continued to work. I had to keep it moving. I was strong for a woman my age, and could press my way through anything. With everything I’d gone through in my life up to this point, sad to say, it felt normal to me. I had gotten used to feeling hurt and deserted. Some days were better than others. My manager at work was very protective of me, because he and his wife had recently delivered a stillborn baby. All I had to do was show up to work. He did not allow me to do any physical work. This wasn’t good, because I had more time to think. Sometimes he would find me in the office, balled up on the floor, crying my eyes out. He would tell me every day, that things would get better. He was a preacher and always gave me what the Word of God said, but I could not understand those things at that time in my life.

Side Bar

I had no business shacking up with this man. I know sometimes we get so caught up in our relationships that our decision-making process gets off track, and we begin to compromise and do the opposite of what we know is right. While we live in a society that has forgotten about doing things God’s way, having babies and living with a mate should all be done after the marriage commitment. I was young and did what I saw in my world. My parents were never married, but where together for over 17 years. No judgement on them, because this was probably what they saw growing up. For me, this was normal, and I never thought about how this would affect my future or my life dreams.