My Book




Greetings my friends!! I want to recommend a masterpiece that has already impacted the lives of the people who’s read it!! It’s Broken Chains: The Diary of a King’s Daughter. If you are overwhelmed with being a solo mom, experiencing issues with dating, happily married; or not, or just simply want to break the chains of things that are stopping you from reaching your destiny…this is a good read for you! Inside, I share some of the most vulnerable chapters of my life in hopes of helping others overcome the dark chapters in their lives. Maybe it’s not you that need it…perhaps it’s a friend. Whatever the case… Bless yourself or someone else and be free from the chains that bind by clicking on the “Buy on Amazon” link below and getting your copy today…I pray you are blessed by reading the chapters of my life. Be Blessed!

The King’s Daughter,

Yolanda Marie