Who Am I?


So, Who am I? I am a Christian, Educator, Mother, and now, an Author. I love to enjoy everyday life by staying positive, maintaining my peace, and encouraging others to do the same. As you can see I love to write. I’ve just released my book, Broken Chains: The Diary of a King’s Daughter. It is a masterpiece that is helping women all over the world identify their worth, find their place in God, and their purpose in life. There is one more thing I thoroughly enjoy, and that is being a mother. I have a son, whom I absolutely adore, and have enjoyed watching him grow. He’s 20 years old now, in college, and is doing his own thing; but a mother’s love never fades. I teach elementary school, which is my  passion. I am honored to use my talents and abilities to impact the next generation. Regardless of which hat I am wearing, I try to be a great representation of Christ by walking in love, honesty, and integrity. I have found that those three things always bring back a good harvest.  Be Blessed!

The King’s Daughter,

Yolanda Marie